Articles available at NLRC

This section provides an overview of the articles available at Nepali Language Resource Center. The articles mainly focus on the Nepali language, literature, music and includes a selection of success stories. For other resources, e.g., online apps, please visit our homepage.

Success Stories

The Success Stories series features achievements by individuals or groups from or with ties to Nepal. In addition to highlighting the contributions to the society, the Success Stories series hopes to promote the inspiration these achievements provide among the community.

Word of the Year

Nepali Language Resource Center's Word of the Year and other top words are chosen from the most used words by users on our Website or our apps. Two types of words rank the highest in usage: evergreen words, which are not considered in choosing top words, and words whose usage spikes as a result of certain events. We then choose the Word of the Year and other top words based on how they rank in the current year and how they compare to their normal usage in the previous years.


The Stories section features a selection of stories on various aspects of Nepal. One of the primary goals of this section is to introduce Nepal and to promote its attractions and culture to the readers through stories.

Enjoy a selected set of stories and folk tales and join Maya and Pabitra Sundari in an adventure.


The NLRC blog contains posts on Nepali language, music, technology, and general topics on Nepal. A selected list of blog posts are presented in this section.


The Nepali Song Lyrics and History section presents lyrics and history behind a selected set of well-known Nepali songs. In addition to presenting the lyrics, we try to present the history behind the songs, especially the circumstances around them while they were written, composed or recorded.


  • Pronouncing Nepali: A guide to pronouncing Nepali with a description of the principles on which Nepali words are pronounced.
  • Alphabet and Writing System: The Nepali alphabet and a close look at the Nepali writing system and its principles on which modern Nepali is written.
  • Orthography: A set of conventions for writing Nepali including spelling, punctuation, hyphenation and others.
  • Raswa Dirgha: An overview on the usage of short and long vowels, Raswa and Dirgha, in writing Nepali.
  • Inherent vowel: A guide to pronouncing inherent vowel and schwa syncope in Nepali.

Product Features and Documentation

The section provides a listing of selected NLRC product features and their documentation

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